Mark Sutherland's Biography  

Following a phone call in 1992, Mark found himself taking responsibility for the production design and the construction of the sets of a low budget film, “White Angel”. The film is referenced in the industry respected Guerrilla Film Makers Handbook. “White Angel” was distributed in 35 cinemas including the West End of London.

He contributed to the 2009 BBC Children’s Festival, and has used his carpentry skills to work on a number of TV shows including ‘Strictly Come Dancing’ and the opening ceremony of the London 2012 Olympics.

Mark has latterly produced/co-produced a number of short films, notably “Pukka” written by the late Mark Straker in which Mark combined his film-making skills with his background in secondary education by employing film-making to teach English and Maths to young people through set design and construction. “Pukka” consequently won the Community Award at the 2004 Notting Hill Film Festival.

Mark then co-produced “One of Us”, also written by Mark Straker, and this subsequently won the award for Best Drama at the Los Angeles Hollywood VSM [Very Short Movie] Film Festival, and Best Actor at the 2007 BFM [Black Film Makers] Festival.

In 2009 Mark designed, built the set, and art directed the film “Jerome’s Weakness” which was directed by Mathew McGuchan.

In 2010 Mark was Co-Producer and Production Designer for the BBC2 feature film “SUS”, an adaption of Barrie Keeffe’s classic play that starred Clint Dyer screened.

In 2011 Mark shared the Production Design Credit for “Rahab”, a short film directed by Rob McLellan, starring David Oyelowo. Mark was also the Construction Manager responsible for the set construction.

Mark teamed up again with Rob McLellan, writer/director, in 2013 to co-produce the multiple award winning short film, “ABE”, which went viral upon its internet release and was optioned by MGM to be developed as a full feature film. “ABE” also attracted interest from Sony Pictures and had a huge film festival run around the world.

Mark had three productions in the 2014 London Sci-Fi Film Festival. Teaming up with Hughie Philips of Mind’s Eye, Mark produced “Always the Sun”, directed by Rob McLellan. “Always the Sun” made it into the top 10 selection, along with another wonderful Sci-Fi short, “Mouse X”, directed by Justin Tagg, that Mark built the set for. ‘ABE’ also screened at the Festival.

Mark regularly appears on the Christian network Revelation TV “Politics Today” programme and is lauded as a valued and widely followed commentator on American culture and politics from both sides of the Atlantic.

Mark produced “Between Lambs and Lions”, a political thriller set in a dystopian future where the American constitution is null and void and the Star Spangled Banner assigned to a museum. “Between Lambs and Lions” was directed and written by Ted Wilkes of Bottle Rocket Films and starred Paterson Joseph and Finbar Lynch.

Producing “Between Lambs and Lions” has led to Mark having broadcasting opportunities in America. Mark cares passionately about what goes on in America and he contributes regularly to over twenty-five independent channels.

Mark also made a documentary called “Flexcit the Movie”, the definitive guide to the UK leaving the EU. It was based on a lecture given by Richard North and Christopher Booker who wrote “The History of Europe” and “The Great Deception”.

Mark produced his latest project, “The Iris Echo”, which has featured in film festivals in Florida, Maryland, Dublin, the Cannes Market Place and Derby in the UK. “The Iris Echo” is a drama depicting the corruption of communism which is particularly pertinent in today’s political climate of Cultural Marxism that uses film to make people think and is what motivates Mark to produce films.

Later in 2020 Mark will be contributing as the London commentator to a current news-based programme observing End Times Scriptural prophecy which will be airing on the JUL TV out of California.

Mark has recently had speaking engagements in the US at the “This West is Our West” gathering in Montana, “Therefore Go” in Ohio, and “Here the Watchmen Orange County” in California. Also, the “American Celebration Tour” by in Tennessee.

Mark is collaborating with Stop Hate Media Studios in Dallas to produce a video pod cast series that will include his very own “The Sutherland Report”.

Mark has secured an author contract with an international publisher for his forthcoming book that compares Brexit with the 2016 Presidential election of Donald J Trump.

Mark has a number of film projects in the works which are featured on his website,, and is currently working with a number of Hollywood producers on other film proposals.