Our Board

of Directors

David Sumrall
Voting Member

David Sumrall, Christian, Carpenter, Small Business Owner, Activist, Citizen Journalist, documentary filmmaker of “Righting History” and “Bloody Hill,” founder of StopHate in 1992 and StopHate.com, co-founder of the American Celebration Tour, Creator and Host of Discussion Island, and American Gulag Chronicles Board President.

Tim Rivers


Voting Member

A Native of Florida, Tim is a retired IT engineer and writer. With an early background in TV and broadcasting, he found a joy in writing for its own sake, whether it was fictional or technical works. Tim and his wife Terri live in the beauty of the Florida Nature coast and enjoy exploring its natural wonders. Today he provides a voice to the Silenced through his Telegram Channel, The American Gulag Chronicles and speaks out for equal Justice and Liberty in America. 

Irene Reichenbach
Voting Member

For those who know me, know that I am direct and to the point, loyal, and above all, integrity is a staple that I look for in my circle of friends.  I am a Michigan native, born and raised.  I am a God-fearing Christian woman, who has 3 children and 13 grandchildren.  I hail from the great state of Tennessee, by way of Michigan, South Carolina, Texas, Arizona, Florida, and the Northern Territory, Australia, where I have lived at one point in my life. 

Paula Calloway

Advisor: PMP liaison
Voting Member

Paula is the manager of the Patriot Mail Project (PMP), a program that provides support to individuals who have been arrested or imprisoned for political reasons. The PMP was originally established during the Bundy Ranch Standoff, during which 50 people were arrested. On July 4th, 2021, Paula reactivated the PMP in response to the arrests following the events of January 6th. Because of PMP, supporters of January 6th Political Prisoners have been able to send a significant amount of mail to those affected by the events of January 6th, referred to as "J6ers."


Mark Sutherland

Vice President

Voting Member

Mark is a film producer and production designer with over 25 years of experience in the industry. He has worked on numerous television shows, films, and short films, including "Strictly Come Dancing," the opening ceremony of the London 2012 Olympics, and "Pukka," which won the Community Award at the 2004 Notting Hill Film Festival. In 2013, Mark co-produced the viral short film "ABE," which was optioned by MGM. In addition to his work in film, Mark is also a commentator on American culture and politics, regularly appearing on the Revelation TV program "Politics Today" and contributing to over 25 independent channels. Mark's latest project is "The Iris Echo," a drama exploring the corruption of communism, which has been featured in film festivals around the world.

Marie Goodwyn

Advisor: J6 Families
Non Voting Member

Marie is a French immigrant who moved to the United States in 1981 with her American husband and young family. Today, she is the proud mother of five grown children who are scattered across the country. Marie has always been involved in various projects and causes, but her involvement has taken on new meaning in recent years due to her son, Daniel Goodwyn, who is a defendant in the January 6th incident. In support of Daniel, Marie has dedicated herself to projects such as j6PatriotNews, theamericangulagchronicles Telegram channel, and The Patriot Mail Project.